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“Very good chiropractors and one of the best things is they will come to you! Thank you for a much needed service in our area!"


“I was at the gym and injured my back and was in a lot of pain they took me in after hour and went above and beyond to help after treatment the next day they took time out of there day to check on me several times I returned today and again excellent service and again checked on me after I’d left. Mr and Mrs Doc Sikes are amazing people and amazing chiropractors I will continue to utilize them for as long as they continue to practice!!”


“I’ve been receiving chiropractic care from Dr. Kristen Lindsey Sikes for about 3 months and have been pleasantly surprised with how much time and energy she has spent helping me. At each appointment, she does my adjustments, answers all my questions, and teaches me what I need to know to better take care of my body. I’m highly satisfied with the value I continue to receive. Thank you!”


“Dr. Shane has been making house calls for my family since November 2019. He has really helped us in all areas especially adjusting hips, sciatica, neck area and even sinuses. He’s very trustworthy and professional, I would recommend him to anybody.”


“I had a head injury that had impeded my ability to think clearly and my husband had a back injury that was affecting his ability to work. I called a chiropractor in Ocala to inquire about cranial adjustments because I thought it was the closest place to get a cranial adjustment, when the office manager told me that she has a friend who does cranial and sacral adjustments and she started a practice in Valdosta, and she will actually come to your home. It seemed like a miracle! By the next morning, Dr. Lindsey came to our home and gave me and my husband the most thorough chiropractic adjustments we had ever had in our lives. That day for the first time in over a year, I was able to recite lyrics without a stutter. My musical rhythm that had been impeded by the head injury was returned to me, and my husband was able to sleep without back pain. She did our atlas, cranial, and sacral adjustments. Then she went on to adjust all of our children's necks, backs, atlas, and even the babies. She gave special attention to my pregnancy by using suction cups and even complimentary CBD cream once and liquid cooling gel another time to help my hips (that feel wonderful now). Dr. Lindsey is super professional and knows how to explain the exact physical issue that you are having and get your full body aligned properly. She made my head sit on my shoulders properly and helped my husband's right side not be pushed upward. She also is amazing with children, loves holistic healing, and has an awesome family. I trust her with my Life! I absolutely recommend her services to Everyone who needs chiropractic treatment for head, back, hips, anything. She even repaired my 6 year old son's elbow that he had accidentally pushed out of joint. My whole family is happier and in better health because of her special care to us all, and she takes the time to repair your issues and give you an exercise plan to keep yourself healthy afterward. I praise God for letting me find Dr. Lindsey! Call her ASAP! Don't wait in pain when you can have an expert come to your home and change your whole life! I especially feel grateful when my husband smiles with a new confidence because the unbearable back pain that he had for years is now gone from his life. My whole life is changed as well and my pregnancy has gotten easier, and the sorrow I felt from cranial compression is no more. I am back to myself again. The value is priceless for what Dr. Lindsey does. A genius in chiropractic, truly.”

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