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S & K Onsite Chiropractic provides a range of services that are catered to your individual needs.  These may include Adult and Pediatric Chiropractic Care,  Perinatatal Chiropractic Care, as well as soft tissue modalities and more.


Dr. Lindsey is certified by the National Registry of Certified Medical Examiners to perform DOT/CDL Certified Exams. 

Both Dr. Sikes and Dr. Lindsey are Webster Certified by the ICPA. 


For more information, please follow the links below or call us at 229-232-4638. 

Memberships Program:

One of the obstacles with chiropractic today is that a lot of chiropractors make it too difficult to get under regular chiropractic care. They often include expensive entrance fees, tons of paperwork and costly office visits. We believe chiropractic care should be available to everyone. If you genuinely give people the very best care, people will not only appreciate you for it, they’ll tell their family and friends about you. That’s where we come in. We make getting under regular chiropractic care simple, easy and affordable and QUALITY care is what we care about most. 

The Membership programs offered will allow you to receive regular chiropractic adjustments each month based on what you need, not what you can afford. This program is not a guarantee of a cure or prevention of disease, but is based on the principle that with a better functioning neuromusculoskeletal system, your body is better able to reach its full potential and to express more vitality and overall better health expression.

We can note take the stressors out of your life, but we can help your body adapt to the stressors you encounter.

Chiropractic care leads to better STRUCTURE which leads to improved FUNCTION, leading to ADAPTATION and overall better HEALTH EXPRESSION. 


Become a Member

Membership Packages

  • $120 per month for (4) adjustments plus 1 re-exam

  • $180 per month for 4 adjustments plus (4) sessions of Graston or cupping (1 re-exam)

  • $215 per month for (4) adjustments plus (4) laser sessions (1 re-exam)

  • New patients will have an additional, one time, enrollment fee of $30

By the visit appointments are also available
*Memberships are not required for treatment 

Location & Contact Details

Tel: 229.232.4638


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